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Tuesday 24 September 2013


I'm hoping still ALEXA has still got the 'Linky' up for this, as I am late to the party (which is definately becoming the 'norm' for me these days!).


Through the bedroom curtains I can see a cloudless blue sky ...which means I've slept longer this morning than this time of year the sky looks grey until the sun gets over the trees at about 8am!

I can hear Boo snoring gently on the end of the bed...another sign that summer is coming to an end and that the nights are getting cooler...... she is spending more time ON the bed than UNDER it, as she does when it's so hot.

Apart from the snoring and the ticking of the JETHRO TULL clock on the wall, all is silent which means the girls are still asleep rush to get up.

I must remember to ring my's her Birthday today... I'm so glad that the Respiratory Consultant has (at last) recommended that dad has a nebuliser at home...I can't believe that it's almost been a year since he was admitted to hospital with pneumonia, and how much his health has gone downhill since then.....we are really hoping the nebuliser will help to ease things a bit.

I am exhaustedly tired even though I'm just wakened....self-inflicted I must admit...too many late nights- not to mention excesses of food and body feels so's probably just as well we only do this once a year! What a great  time we've had though.....good for the soul, if not quite so good for the liver and kidneys!

I hear the funny sound the pipes in Kirsty's room make when someone turns a tap off..a plumbing fault....someone's up and it's time to move!

To read more 'moments' pop over  HERE...thanks again to ALEXA for hosting this monthly meme.

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Alison xx


  1. You've well described that moment on the cusp of awakeness but before you throw back the covers. And the days are coming when I won't want to throw them off!

  2. A lovely moment just as your world is waking. I hope the nebuliser helps x

  3. I can imagine lying there still tired but content that the "girls" are there. I can't beleive it's taken this long for him to get the neb, I hope it keeps him a step ahead of any respiratory issues this winter. I continue to pray for him, funny never having met him I think of him as a dear and have a sweet place in my prayers for him.

  4. What a lovely moment and I hope you had many more with your girlfriends x

  5. Here's hoping that your Dad improves with this help. It's so frustrating for you but it now must be one thing less to worry about. I love hearing our dig Eddie snore, something quite comforting about it :)

  6. a lovely moment well described x

  7. Love that photo and your writing. Thanks for signing up for the class, looking forward to seeing you there!

  8. I'm glad you were able to sleep in a little later--a bit of extra rest is often the fix for lots of "not quite right" feelings. Like you, we are looking forward to cooler temperatures. We have tantalizing hints of it--cooler morning temperatures and a little less humidity. Enjoy!

  9. So sorry to be arriving here late, Alison - I've been away for the last ten days. But thrilled that you have joined in with Simply A Moment again, and so touched you should have done it when you are feeling so weary and anxious abut your Dad ... Hoping you and he are recovering well by now and thank-you for contributing so eloquently to all our moments this month :).

  10. Ok, well you were a little late to Alexa's party, and now I'm late to yours. :o) I really enjoyed reading your moment, Alison, and your little Boo is so dang cute! Our Whiskers Jay snores too.

  11. I hope your Dad improves with having a nebulizer at home now. I got a smile out of your comment about Boo telling you the seasons are changing by changing where she sleeps.


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