Life in the Slow Lane: THE WEEK THAT WAS

Sunday 9 March 2014


It's been a busier week than normal here...believe me, you do not want to be bored by the details but here are some of the 'highlights':


one of the AGM's was our you can see AGMs are the same the world over!

A book read

an absolutely delightful book...I would definitely recommend this one!

Took the photographs for ZIZO...and promptly forgot to write the blogpost!


a dead-looking plant in a pot



...I am reminded how wonderful nature is!


....and got to LEVEL 201!!!

DID NOT COMMENT/READ MANY BLOGS!!.....for that I apologise and hope to rectify it tonight, so look out for me!

I do hope you've seen some sunshine this last's most certainly very springlike here;

the blossom on the apricot tree is out....

...and the Magnolia is just about to bloom...happy days!!

As I said, I'm hoping to get round some blogs tonight...if I don't get to you I'll be calling in at some point this week!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. it's been lovely today here...fingers crossed spring is on its way! a good roundup for your week..i hope next weeks is good to you too x

  2. You have my sympathy on AGMs, especially with such glorious weather outside. I like your ZIZO - such a hopeful pair of photos :).

  3. I just read that book too! Happy to say Spring is here too, who would guess that this time last year we still had more snow to come?

  4. Love the photos of the budding spring. I see you are still playing Candy Crush, and I am still holding out! lol Have a wonderful week!

  5. Your blooming flowers are lovely! We had a very lovely sunny day here and hoping our temperatures continue to rise! Hope you have a great week.

  6. I love your Zoom In, Zoom Out photos- I've been finding similar things in our yard here, as well! Need to remember to take the pictures of them, though. Are apricot blossoms scented?? (never thought about where apricots came from before, actually- lol!)

  7. yes AGM agenda's seem to be the same wherever you are. Lovely to see the magnolia buds and the signs of green on the seemingly dead branches

  8. I'm always happy to see a new book recommendation. I'll have to look out for this one, thanks.

  9. Some great highlights, I've been thinking of reading that book xx

  10. Love love love your ZIZO and signs of spring.

  11. Isn't it wonderful to see!!! I've had the same experience this week with a plant that I was about to dig up and then saw the teeniest of hope!

  12. Such an exotic round-up - lovely! Thanks for the book recommendation too!

  13. Yay for signs of spring and new life. I haven't been commenting much either - although mainly due to technical difficulties. I don't think my iPad like commenting on blogs!!

  14. A nice potpourri post if ever there was one. I'm trying to get around blogland too - just not much time this month. Hope to be back much sooner.

  15. Catching up on blog reading myself this weekend! This looks like a busy but lovely and sunny week :)

  16. I am sometimes tempted to complain how ordinary and ordered (boring) my life is (every work day is pretty much the same as the next), but I remind myself that it is the ordinary that provides the structure and security of life. That is what struck me about this post--I appreciate that you celebrate the ordinary-ness.

  17. Lovely springtime pictures and a perfect ZIZO - didn't see that in the zoom out one at all. Busy catching up on 2 months of blog reading so watch out. :)


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