Life in the Slow Lane: TIME FOR TEA?.....

Sunday 29 June 2014


....though to be honest, if you were dropping in at this exact moment I think you might prefer some cold water or a glass of Sangria!'s very hot out there!! Hence the reason we would sit in the Naya ( covered sun terrace) with all the doors open, allowing the breeze to flow through...and not outside!!

You've just caught me reading the June/July copy of SCRAP 365 magazine, which I discovered yesterday that you could download (and have a subscription to!) on an App called POCKETMAGS... You have no idea how excited I am by this!!

You haven't found me at my most awake...a mixture of the heat, a restless night (again due to the heat) and being up early to take Craig to the airport.

Yes thanks, we had a very nice (and productive ) weekend.....though it should have been more than that! Unfortunately, due to the French Air Traffic Controllers' strike earlier in the week (isn't it just as well you didn't try to get here earlier in the week!!)he arrived on Thursday instead of on Tuesday, but we made the most of the time he was of the most exciting things that happened being that we went out and bought a new dishwasher.....which was delivered and installed that same afternoon!

Kirsty is still here, but is off to visit one her friends in Morocco on Tuesday.....another airport run!

Did you pass the village as you came in?.....did you notice the lights hanging through the Main Street? It's been summer Fiesta this past week, so there's been lots going on.

As you can imagine, the Church plays a huge part in our Fiestas, with young and old turning out in their best outfits and attending Mass at all hours of the day and night.

Kirsty and I went down to the village with some friends on Wednesday evening ( Craig should have been with us, but you've heard that story!!) when one of the main processions was taking place

The procession starts with the children who have just had their First Communion, followed by the Statue of Christ

Then the local Brass Band....and finally the rest of the villagers...they march around the streets for half an hour or so, then return to the Church. After the final blessing, it's on to the serious business of eating, drinking, fireworks and dancing!.....given that the music and dancing doesn't start till after midnight, I have no photos to share with you!! .. I'm at home comforting a little dog throughout the noise!!

Have you been taking part in RINDA'S  SUMMER SCAVENGER HUNT?...I have managed to get a few more photos this week, but I'll keep them for a blogpost (I would let you have a peek while you're here though).

It's been lovely catching up again...wasn't it a great idea of ABI'S to gather us all together once a month for a cuppa/drink and a catch up?!....I'll be popping over to your place soon!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. lovely to catch up with you, sounds far too hot for me though!

  2. Oh what lovely weather Alison! It has been glorious to have a peek into the Fiesta. It looks like a wonderful thing to watch. Hope all those airport strikes clear up for you. Thank you for stopping by with me again!

  3. For seems we may be sharing a little of your weather......but not the fun of a fiesta.

  4. Those photos are fab.

    I would have been smiling if I'd caught you reading 365 :)

  5. Thank you for the welcome and the drink, I've loved stopping by and having a catch up. So glad you found a way to catch up with your magazine

  6. I love the sound of Fiestas and walking into the village to attend things like that! We're off to Lanzarote in a few weeks and we can't wait for the Tapas!

  7. I"ll definitely have a glass of sangria and share the evening with you. I would suggest that there's no real difference between a procession and a parade . . .
    and I would show you some of the free craft mags I've recently downloaded onto my ipad. There so much fun!

  8. A great catch up with you today. As soon as I saw your procession photo I wondered if you were going to count it for the parade on the scavenger hunt list.

  9. A summer festival sounds wonderful! Reworking your schedule around a strike - not.

  10. I really enjoyed reading about the Fiesta procession and seeing the pics. I'm glad Craig was able to get home in the end. We're looking at 97 degrees this week, yep July is here.

  11. I've been going backwards reading your blog and was just thinking - wouldn't those pictures do for your parade one in Rinda's hunt?


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