Life in the Slow Lane: ME ON TUESDAY

Tuesday 30 December 2014


I have to say that there's not been much evidence of living 'life in the slow lane' here these last few weeks...indeed, I didn't even manage a post to wish you and yours a Happy Christmas!...I can only hope you have all had a lovely time with family and friends and that Santa found you all!


.....I am having an afternoon TOTALLY to myself.....sporting my new slippers from Santa and determined to finish a book I started two weeks ago and have had neither time nor energy to finish!

The weekend?: after a lovely- but busy- ten days with mum and dad (where dad was in fine fettle and enjoyed the benefits of the sunshine and heat), unfortunately he started to go downhill on Christmas Day: we made the decision to get him home sooner rather than later and I travelled back with them on Sunday, returning late last night. They are both quite relieved to be home, nearer to their own Doctor and in the comfort of their own home...and I confess to being relieved that they are too!

Kirsty left on Saturday and Craig on Sunday, hence the reason I am having an afternoon reading.

Waving for the last time this year at SIAN, who came up with the idea of ME ON MONDAY ( or even Tuesday!!)

Wishing you all a Happy, healthy and peaceful New Year when it resolutions from me, except to try and manage my time better and get back to crafty pursuits!!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy 2015. Enjoy your me time when you can xx (maybe that should be a resoultion for you lol

  2. Oh gosh, that sounds as if it has been both lovely but also anxiety-provoking, with dashing to and fro like that - you are a brilliant daughter :). Hoping you get some proper R and R just for yourself ...

  3. And all the same to you Alison. Thank you for visiting me and commenting throughout 2014.

  4. You've just been speeding in the slow lane is all! Glad you finally got some time to yourself.

  5. good to hear your parents had a successful visit - so hard to balance the restorative effect of being away and the reassurance of being at home. enjoy your hogmanay

  6. I'm glad your parents enjoyed their visit. I hope you enjoy your feet up with your book. Happy New Year xx

  7. Happy New Year Alison! I hope you get a good rest after your hosting and that your visitors enjoy seeing the New Year in in their own home.

  8. Happy New Year Alison! So glad the visit with your parents went well & that they are home and back in their comfort zone now. Hope you enjoyed your relaxation & finished the book!

  9. I hope that your dad is feeling much better now. I am all about fitting in a "me" day, I think it reinvigorates us and actually makes us more productive. Looking forward to going through 2015 with you ;)

  10. After all the rush of the holidays you definitely deserved a nice relaxing day to yourself. Hope your Dad is much better now.


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