Life in the Slow Lane: ME ON MONDAY

Monday 12 October 2015


Having been MIA for a few weeks now, I thought it was time to return to Blogland!

Mum has been here for a couple of weeks and left last Thursday; she was the last of the Summer visitors and it really is time to get a grip of myself and lose some a lot of weight. With that in mind I have bought a little pedalling machine (good old Lidl!) so here I am today, having managed to put it together, having a little practice:

My plan is to use it while either watching TV in the evening or even while writing blogposts...I'm using it as I type here!'s GOT to be better than doing nothing at all!!

The weekend?.....after seeing mum to the airport, it was  re-organising bedrooms and cupboards, creating a 'proper' craft space, packing Summer clothing away at the Charity Shop (and some here too) and bringing the Winter stock in to the times like these I am grateful to have my little Ford Focus-it folds down to give me lots of space to transport boxes! There was of course time to watch 'Strictly' and even to get some scrapping done!

Although Summer is officially over, it's still very warm during the day though cooler in the mornings and evenings...perfect weather except that we still have the blasted mosquitos.. and various other biting insects...I am SO fed up smelling of mosquito repellant and the worst of it is that I'm STILL being bitten and therefore scratching...I'm sure they lie in wait for me to venture outdoors!

Waving to SIAN and all the Monday 'wavers'......and to you too of course!

Wishing you all a good, bite-free week!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. I can't imagine pedalling while watching the tv! Let us know if it works and how far you are pedalling in a day!
    Temperatures have dropped quite a lot here, it's definitely Autumn. Thankfully we don't have the biting insects to contend with. Like you, I seem to be very attractive to the Mall!
    What did you think of Jay's dance? I had to watch it twice, couldn't believe how good he was.

  2. Oh, Alison, those mosquitoes sound a right pain :(. It must really make you feel like not going out ... A craft room wounds like a nice thing to have, as winter approaches. I am sure your Mum really enjoyed her stay with you. Hoping you can rest a bit this week!

  3. That sounds be 'sounds' ... arrgh!

  4. It's still warm here, too - 90 degrees today. But the evenings are cooling off some & it's wonderful to be outside, no mosquitoes around so far.

    Hope you have a fabulous week!

  5. pedalling while watching TV sounds a good plan - I'm loving the current crop on Strictly - have a great week

  6. Strictly has passed us by this year, it's all about the rugby in our house. Good luck with the pedalling and hope you get some respite from those mozzies soon :-)

  7. I've thought about getting one of those machines. Now I'm really seriously thinking about it. I have a friend who lost several stone, pedalling in front of the tv.

    Every year I think to myself..Strictly? Nah, I've had enough...and then of course it sucks me right back in again.

    Have a good week Alison

  8. Do not fall over from shock but I'm baaaacckkk lol It has been a very long hiatus from blogland. I ride the bike an hour and do the treadmill 30 minutes at the gym and there is absolutely no way I could do it without watching TV. I'd get so bored. Good luck to both us in losing some ;)

  9. What a clever idea, I must admit I got to my target weight on slimming world earlier this year but it's exercise that's kept the weight off. So good luck

  10. How's the peddle machine working out? We have a stationary or is it stationery bike downstairs but that's the thing - it's down the basement so not really convenient to use. Are the mosquitoes a year round thing there? Don't know if you have it there but have you tried citronella plants - maybe plant one or two near where you like to sit out. That's the only thing I can think of other than spray.

  11. That sounds like a bit of a busy weekend! Great gadget and I hope it works, like you say, it's better than doing nothing xx

  12. Good luck with the weight loss, I need to be tackling the same thing.

  13. I've yet to see any Strictly this year ... it's all about the rugby! Would love to know if the pedalling is doing the trick!


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