Life in the Slow Lane: USA Trip 2008- San Francisco

Tuesday 19 April 2011

USA Trip 2008- San Francisco

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to answer my question about my Blog yesterday.... I have been left with the feeling that RANDOMNESS is working!

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago, about our  2008 USA trip and promised to work on getting the album finished , as well as writing about it here.

From San Jose, we drove back north to San Francisco. We had visited  the city on a few other occasions, but had never actually taken the 'City  Bus Tour'. We booked tickets at the Hotel and were picked up to be taken to join the tour, next morning. When we left the hotel, the sun was shining brightly but, as with every other time we have visited, as we approached the Bay ( where the tour left from) the mist- and cold- set in!

Take note, all you bloggers heading to SF this year...ALWAYS take a sweatshirt or cardigan when visiting! 

Being in the Bay area, our first stop was an area on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, 

where you get the skyline view (or rather, you would if it wasn't so blessed foggy!) of the city. Every time I've visited, I only get a slightly spooky outline!

By the time we got back to the city, the sun was still shining and we were taken to the other 'usual' sites..China Town, Nob Hill,  Coit Tower, Golden Gate Park etc. The tour ended up back at Pier 39, where we spent an hour or so browsing.

 For some reason, apart from the photographs taken from the other side of the bridge, I don't seem to have taken many others...possibly because it's hard taking photographs from a moving bus in a busy city?

I'll post my LO tomorrow, as it's not quite finished yet...but here's the one of Boo,a couple of days ago, hitching a lift with dad! 

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. I remember trying to take photos from a moving bus in Rome...not to be recommended!!
    Foggy pics are at least realistic.

  2. Hooray, you did scrap the Boo pics! :-)

    Random definitely works for me...

    And foggy photos are atmospheric, they have that in their favour! xx

  3. DH and I go on holiday to Scotland and you have to go mad on fine days taking photos as the weather is usually so unpredictable up there! Sweaters are needed too even in the height of summer!

  4. amazing pictures!!!and wow what a sweet L/O...LOVE these papers :)!!

  5. Love you "foggy" pictures - much more character to them in my opinion. Love the LO of Boo - I reaslly enjoyed the story when you blogged it. J x

  6. Cute layout - I like how you used the buttons for a little pop of color. I've never been to San Fransciso myself, but it's on my go-there-someday list!


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