Life in the Slow Lane: Shimelle's Sketch of the Week

Sunday 28 August 2011

Shimelle's Sketch of the Week

I haven't done one of these for a while...and to be honest, I am not particularly happy with how this turned out (nothing to do with Shimelle's sketch, I hasten to add!)

1. The shop lights in the photos bother me for starters...they didn't before I put the page together.....I should probably have edited the photos better.
2. I'm not at all  sure of the papers...particularly the one with the deer on just all seems too 'dark'.
3. I am never happy with just looks messy when I do it...yet I love the effect other scrappers get!

The only thing I'm actually happy with is the little cluster at the top!

Anyway, it's done now and I've shared it...I'd be interested in any thoughts about what YOU might have done differently!

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Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Yes I agree about the lights. You could have edited them out quite easily in Picasa, or even cut around Craig, which is a returning trend would you believe - just look on the Webster's Inspire me blog for proof! I like the tartan paper & the embellies, titling & cluster but perhaps you could have brightened things up a bit if you had matted the photos on white & used another print or even red/yellow or black plain cardstock! Your handwriting is fab though & I think the misting is fine - don't be scared of it - I think you need to add more to make more of an effect!

  2. Alison, I loved your layout for the July 4x6 (I'm catching up on a few posts today!)- the papers & colors were great. This is a nice layout, too, but I agree it might could have used something different (however, I NEVER advocate redoing anything - the memory is recorded). I think maybe a lighter paper and I would have overlapped the photos to take out some of those lights & then added embellishments in a cluster around to hide the rest (if I could figure all that out!). :>)

  3. I think it is a fun layout. I know that lots of people edit photos and it does improve them, however I just don't have the time. I almost always run with the photo the way it is and say it is part of the memory :-)

    I agree with the above comments that adding a lighter mat behind the photos would have made the lights less obvious and prob brightened the layout up a bit. But it is ALWAYS easier to say that in hindsight!

    Personally I believe every layout is a journey and you learn something each time. There are times that I have experimented with a new idea and HATED the end result (one of my latest sketch layouts - the roller coaster one - was like that!), but I have still kept the layout as it shows my scrapping journey, even if only to me. The subject of your layout was a wonderful memory to record :-) Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I like your misting - mine always seems to come out really dense. A white mat round each photo may have helped, as would editing out the lights as you said. I think I would have used smaller squares of paper, so that it there was more white space.
    My Dad has a thing for wearing those daft hats for New Years in Scotland too - must be a man thing!

  5. Nice LO Alison, and great memory! Some great ideas in these comments. I agree that matting the photos on white might improve it.

  6. It's a real fun LO,Alison....and the deer paper is perfect or the theme.
    I think maybe there are too many 'busy' papers fighting for attention.....I would probably have put a plain piece between the deer and the checks, rather than the blue one....and matting the photos would have pulled them out a bit,rather than them getting a bit lost.

  7. What a super fun page Alison. I actually like redheads and when she was a baby Gracia had beautiful auburn hair but alas it turned blond and then brown :(

  8. I didn't notice the lights, honestly! I was too busy admiring the way your journaling fits so nicely down the side

  9. I really like it ! I never even noticed the lights until you mentioned them! I think it's like all these things that bother us - if you hedn't mentioned them I wouldn't have noticed them! honest!

  10. I love the fun emotions of the layout I honestly didn't notice the lights until you pointed them out - Love the crochet as well :)

  11. Ty for visting my blog and leaving such sweet comments~ I love your Lo ~the colors are wonderful, love fallish colors!!!


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