Life in the Slow Lane: HELLO MONDAY!

Monday 9 July 2012


A few weeks ago I read this post by  AMY, and since then have noticed a few of my blogfriends join in. If you follow my blog, you will know I've been somewhat busy this last few weeks...but by today I have claimed my life back (for a while anyway!) and have decided to join the fun.

HELLO to the first week in two months without houseguests

HELLO to another week of lots of washing (still catching up with Kirsty's laundry and the towels and bedding left by the nieces)

The pool towels have been washed and are now drying in the sun-
they are on the drier because the 'whirly' is still full from yesterday!

HELLO to less shopping and cooking!!

HELLO to getting some HAPPY MAIL organised and posted

HELLO to getting some scrappy time

What are you saying 'Hello' to this week?

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Ooh I'm liking this idea Alison it might even help me post more often lol

    Off to think about what I'm saying hello to, apart from your good self of course HELLO x

  2. What a lovely happy post! Hello to Monday from me too:)

  3. I get so tired of saying hello to laundry... but it is such an awesome feeling when it is all done... wish it would last longer! Great hello monday post!

  4. Lots of lovely hello's there. I say hello to turning another year older today, and to back to normal temps since the heat wave has passed through. ~ blessings

  5. I'm saying Hello to a week with no commitments - just lots of time in my scrap room & maybe a few impromptu lunches with friends. :>) Enjoy your week!!

  6. It's a great way to count things up and to see how your week should map out.

  7. what a great idea Alison. Enjoy your quiet week x

  8. Hello to the esum er cold my seet daughter has. Hello to the weekend get away I have planned. Have to balance the good and the bad, you know.

  9. Hello to you Alison. A great idea and perfect list. Hope you are relaxing and getting some scrapping done. x

  10. What a great idea! Its Tuesday now so I shall just say hello to you! xx

  11. It must seem awfully quiet in your house this week with no houseguests. :) Happy to see scrapping in your list.

  12. Enjoy your week without house guests!!!!

  13. OOOOH what a fun post! Sounds like you are getting well organised there! I am hoping that this week will be hello to more productivity on the scrappy/all things scrap-related front thanks to the kids being back at school starting tomorrow!!


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