Life in the Slow Lane: THE LAST TWO......

Sunday 21 September 2014


....items for the SUMMER SCAVENGER HUNT that is!

I always knew that the juggler was going to be a nigh impossibility....and that the alternative of a hot air balloon was going to be just as elusive to find.....I did not however think that the bird box would cause such a problem!

Lateral thinking was called for, and I remembered this little ornament I bought while in Scotland a few weeks ago:

Personally I love that it's the last day of summer and that I have a Christmas ornament out!!

My last photograph is me with something representing the has been a long, hot summer and most days have seen me like this:

...sunglasses and sarong!

Once again, thank you RINDA for organising this now-much-looked-forward-to summer event!

I do hope everyone has enjoyed the hunt as much as I have and I'm looking forward to seeing how many jugglers have been captured!!

Thanks for dropping by!
take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Cute little bird house. I had almost given up hope of the juggler, but I tracked one down in Covent Garden yesterday. Sunglasses have been a pretty much daily feature of our summer too, for a change!

  2. Well done, I really enjoyed seeing everyone's photos

  3. lovely photos, it has been fun!

  4. lovely way to show the season change using a new Christmas decoration for the summer scavenger hunt

  5. I like the Christmas ornament a nice little hint that although summer is over, we have something else to start looking forward to now

  6. Just catching up with some blog reading. Like your bird house!

  7. Oh wow, that's a photo redolent with heat and suncream :). You've done well to find them all ...


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