Life in the Slow Lane: ME ON MONDAY....

Tuesday 24 February 2015


...yes I do know it's Tuesday, but this WAS yesterday:

In one of our favourite I know that RUTH will recognise!



The weekend? It was a sudden decision to fly to Scotland, run up and down to hospital to visit dad ( who has, thankfully, now responded to treatment and is back at home), try to keep mum sane, meet the boyfriend (Kirsty's, not mum's ;) manage a quick coffee break with friends, drive to Newcastle to go to an appointment with Kirsty kind of weekend!...stressed?....only slightly!!


However, by this morning I am sitting in a sunny spot in the-friend-who-puts-me-up when I am in the area's house, breathing deeply before I go to meet Kirsty and said boyfriend for lunch, knowing that I can feel slightly less guilty about heading home tomorrow after doing my duty as a responsible daughter and mum!


Thank you all ffor your good wishes for dad...and I sincerely hope your own weekend was less stressful than mine has been!!

Thanks for dropping by!

Take care of you

Alison xx



  1. Wow, I'm worn out just reading about your weekend! I'm so pleased that your dad is home and I hope he continues to improve xx

  2. Sorry to read that you had a stressful weekend too. Lovely to have some time with your girl though.

  3. Why is it that crazy weekends make us feel virtuous? Glad you got to see everyone and that Dad is doing better!

  4. It does sound stressful....but pleased to hear of your dad's improvement.

  5. Wow - what a hectic weekend, but so glad to hear your dad is back home and that you've had a visit & met the boyfriend!

  6. Ah, good news! I'm so glad.

    may this week and the weekend to follow be a lot more peaceful..

  7. Gosh, all that rushing about, but peace can be found inside the Store of Utter Gorgeousness!!

  8. Oh yes, I recognise that store! So pleased you managed to fit so much into your weekend and that you returned knowing it had been a thoroughly worthwhile trip. Lovely picture of you and your girl.

  9. Sending thoughts of serenity and slower times your way.

  10. Glad to hear your Dad responded well to treatment and is back home again.


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