Life in the Slow Lane: It's official......

Sunday 8 May 2011

It's official......

...the cherries are eaten-and were perfect! After we came back from Valencia( where I go to pick DD up from the bus, when she's coming down from Barcelona), we decided that said cherries were looking 'just right'...not too big- not too little; not too pink- not too red; not too hard-not too soft...and reckoned it was time to 'go for it'. 

'You realise there is a price to pay for having one of the precious cherries?' I asked DD 
'There is?....' she replied, looking very suspiciously at me( as I grabbed the camera) 'Oh I have to?..I mean.really-why?'
'For posterity of's our first crop!..and DON'T EAT THAT TILL I GET A PICTURE OF IT!' I cried.
'You don't really call two cherries a crop, I'm thinking' she retorted, but she did sit where I was pointing to

'Do I look as stupid as I feel?'

'Do we need a photo of me with my mouth full?' (she mumbled)

'Look as if you're really savouring it' pipes up the photographer

'It's actually really sweet ..can I have yours?'

Even though she had been a good sport, there was no way she was having my share of the 'crop'!

Maybe next year we'll have enough for two each!

Tanks for dropping by!
Look after you
Alison xx


  1. Oh this made me giggle - some people just don't get it do they??? The taking of photos just for our blogs and scrapbook pages! Your DD was clearly a good sport!

  2. Great post! Made me smile:) Glad you ate them before the birds got them!

  3. Please thank your DD for helping to brighten my day - glad the cherries were tasty, and look forward to next year's tasting!

  4. You'll have to tell your daughter she made a fine example of how wonderful the cherries were and the photos made me wish I had some now!

  5. I think she is lucky you shared - glad they were worth the wait :0)

  6. What a great post - I enjoyed the photos & the captions. Great way to tell the story of your first "crop!"

  7. Great post, I love the photos and I'm glad the cherries were yummy. roll on the next crop :-)

  8. Thank you for making me smile on my weary monday morning. When we were in Disney, the whole family began to roll their eyes when I got the camera out saying "you can't really want a picture of that!"" I keep saying they will thank me in later years when trying to recall the details of there life!

  9. I'm glad you persuaded her to pose, it has made a perfect happy post. Roll on next year!

  10. The things they suffer through for us lol Love that ya'll documented this. I have always desisted cherries until last year when I finally tried fresh ones, yum! May your crop multiply great.

  11. What a great post and lovely pictures, I hope you have a bumper crop next year :)

  12. lol Alison you are so funny!! Trust your "whole crop" tasted delicious LOL

  13. LOL - oh, how many times have I said, "Don't eat that until I get a picture..." around my house. ;o)

    Congrats on your crop! The photos are darling.


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