Life in the Slow Lane: Helicopters.....

Monday 22 August 2011


...were what I heard when I opened my doors this morning. I reckoned I knew what it meant, and knew that it wasn't good news for someone/some people in the surrounding area. Sure enough, I looked across the valley to  see

a helicopter with a water-'bucket' attached...there was obviously a fire in the campo (fields/forests) somewhere not too far away. 

At the edge of our village is the reservoir that is used for filling these huge water-buckets, and at this time of year it's not unusual to have the helicopters come over about once a week. There are very strict rules about lighting fires in the summer months, but some people don't seem able to abide by them,and there are always incidents of one sort or another.

From our terrace, you can see the helicopters drop down to the reservoir (though we can't actually see the reservoir itself)

then rise up again, leaving a trail of water in their wake, and heading off to the scene of the fire. Last year there was a fire very close to the village, and the helicopter actually flew felt as though it was raining!

Today, the helicopters headed off to the NE so I'm not sure where the fire actually was.....there were however, two helicopters and they came back-and-forth for about three hours so I can only presume it was a serious fire, and hope and pray that there were no fatalities.

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Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Oh i hope no one was hurt. What beautiful surroundings you have :)

  2. Great photos ... if there wasn't such a serious reason behind them!

  3. exciting stuff, I do hope everyone was ok

  4. Fires are so devastating. I hope everyone is ok. We had some bad ones here during our last summer. Started by someone using an angle grinder in the bush during a total fire ban. I wish people followed the rules.

    How is your DD headband going? Loved your comment on my blog.

  5. You have a lovely view, it's a shame that the helicopter makes you worry that someone is in danger. I hope everyone was ok x

  6. Lovely scenery around your way Alison! Interesting to see how they fight the fires. Hope all was well.

  7. That's very sad. We have been plagued by fire setters round here this summer. Why would anyone do such a thing? I have no idea

  8. We get the occasional helicopter too & it's always off to try to rescue someone but ours is always out to sea...

  9. Wow, this is an interesting post, Alison. It's always cool to see what others commonly see where they live, but that is uncommon for us. The view from your terrace is spectacular too!


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