Life in the Slow Lane: Storytelling Sundays - A Halloween Tale

Sunday 6 November 2011

Storytelling Sundays - A Halloween Tale

Not a scary story I hasten to add, just a Halloween that stands out in my mind....Halloween 1991 to be exact.

We had had word that Stuart was to go into hospital, to have his tonsils removed, a few days before Halloween. This was just after his 6th Birthday, and all he was worried about was missing out on his school and Anchor Boys Halloween well as going round the doors on Halloween itself!

 These of course, were the least of my worries....this was the first time either of the children had been in hospital, and my mind was full of thought of anaesthetics and my boy having to stay a couple of nights there on his own!

The day of the surgery was awful...Stuart was practically hysterical as they took him the the fact I had to go in while they put him under- and then felt physically sick the whole time he was away. Needless to say everything went fine, and after about 36 hours Stuart was allowed home.

The little boy we brought home though, couldn't have cared less about Halloween or anything much else...he was tired and sore and hardly had the energy to be interested in any 'Trick or Treaters' who came by on the night. day later was a whole new story!

Stuart decided that he was well enough to go to his Anchor Boys party......which caused a minor panic...we had no costume organised! However, one pair of green 'Turtle' pjs, some green face paint, one of Gran Rae's good silk scarves(!) and one artistic daddy later, and we had LEONARDO, one of the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

You might notice that the small photo is VERY blurred, but it was the one which 'said it all'!

Even under the green paint, I can still remember how pale he actually was and how exhausted he was when he came home...but he was determined to have a little Halloween fun and was happy as a sandboy!

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Would you believe, that as I finish writing this (on Saturday night) I have switched X FACTOR on, and Marcus has been singing 'Reet Petite' which was one of Stuart's favourite songs when he was very little!!

The picture of Stuart sitting by the pumpkin is dreadfully blurred, but as  


  1. A great memory Alison - neither of mine had operations but they have had overnight stays - great costume and page to remember it by.

  2. Great costume! Hard to believe it was something you had to put together at the last minute, it looks very well planned and thought out. (My son loved Leonardo from the turtles too.)
    A lovely memory and perfect for this November Storytelling.

  3. This is such a charming story Alison. I hope it brought you pleasure to remember? And I love that coincidence of the song coming on, if coincidence is the right word at all.

    He must have had real spirit to want to party after the operation! I can remember when I had mine out I was in hospital for a week and then not allowed out for another week after that. That's a long time ago now, mind you - we weren't even allowed to see our mums on the day of the operation.

    And you made a layout too! Perfect! Thanks for joining in today Alison and sharing a special memory

  4. What a special memory and what an artistic Daddy. The costume looks fabulous and both are lovely photos to have, blurry or not.
    Both my children have had to have GA and it is a horrible thing to get through, for them and us.

    Fiona xx

    PS Word verification is leonatic!

  5. How awful that he had to have an operation before what arguably might be the best kids day of the year. It's good he got to have a bit of fun at the party, especially with the last minute costume you came up with.

  6. A great story to show the personality of your son. Those childhood traditions mean so much. I'm glad he was able to get a taste of the fun that year.

  7. He was very detemined, wasn't he? Love the costume - very creative at the last moment too. I've come to the conclusion that blurry photos don't matter - it's the story that needs to be told

  8. I can remember those Turtles, a great story

  9. Well done on doing such a great costume with such short notice, great story

  10. What a trooper - that blurry photo really does say it all. Each of my kids has been in the hospital once, so I know what you mean about the worry.

  11. what a clever daddy to russel up such a fabulous costume...great layout and a lovely story Alison x

  12. What a great little trouper he was and how lovely that you let him have a go - the costume is brilliant! Lovely page too - some scary memories preserved beautifully.

  13. i agree with the others, the costume looks like it was well prepared in advance. i love that you made a layout to go with the story and your journaling is beautiful on the page :)

  14. Lovely story Alison - glad you are scrapbooking the stories of your boy :)

  15. I am impressed you have a layout to go with your story! Stuart must have been a strong young man to have fronted up to a party post surgery - my little one had eye surgery when she was two and she would not have had that strength or determination!

  16. Such a worry when they are sick but he rallied round and gave you a great story to remember. I love that you hand wrote the journaling on your lay-out. Irene

  17. What a brilliant costume made on the spur of the moment and another happy memory that you have scrapped of Stuart.

  18. Well, you knew I'd love his costume choice!!! ;o) And now I have "Reet Petite" stuck in my head - I LOVE that song and haven't heard it in years. I'm off to YouTube it... xo

  19. What a wonderful memory - isn't it just like a little boy to want to have fun the instant he starts feeling better.


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