Life in the Slow Lane: HELLO MONDAY

Monday 17 September 2012


A new week ahead, and I'm saying:

HELLO to a trip to the airport, as Craig heads off again :(

HELLO to lots of reading, thanks to the broken toe...I'm very bored with said toe already!

HELLO to deciding to abandon be honest it never really got off the ground for me

HELLO to making a final decision about  how (and where) we will spend Christmas this year..I realise that it may seem a little early to many of you, but flights have to be booked and little dogs arranged to be looked after!

from CATE'S BLOG...why not count down to Christmas with her?!

HELLO to starting the Christmas Present list.....I am heading to Scotland in October, and am hoping to get the bulk of the UK contingent's presents bought while there

HELLO to the last week of the Summer Scavenger Hunt :(  one item to find (a pier), but I think it will be a heart shaped rock (which I have yet to find) taking its place

What are you saying 'Hello' to today?

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Just weighed in and didn't so as well as I had hoped (or deserved) so hello to being bummed about diets! But hello to my trainers too as I am back in the gym tomorrow - yay! Make the most of the enforced sitting down time ;-)

  2. Hello you!
    Shame about the LSNED (if you had wanted to do it) but I guess enforced inactivity means that September's less interesting for learning too ... I abandoned it in the first week ... again! Didn't actually prepare anything, read about 6 prompts and thought about 3, then decided I had too much else to do!

  3. It's good to know when to call it quits on a big project. I'm going to catch up on my lsne pages tonight. I have the lessons and will just keep the pages simple. One of my lessons is actually that it's never to early to start Christmas presents!

  4. Hello to the busiestmteachingnquartermi have ever had. Wish me luck

  5. It's quite a relief to come to a decision about NOT doing something, isn't it? When it comes to classes, prompts, etc., the farther behind I become, the guiltier I feel--and the guiltier I feel, the less motivated I am to do whatever it is! And there's always another opportunity--probably in the very next e-mail!

    You'll have to tell us what's on your reading list--I'll be on a car trip for a week next month so I'm game for some new reading suggestions.

  6. Hello Alison and to your weekly list. I love these little glimpses into your life. Do hope your toe gets better soon. Irene x

  7. I'm not sure I'm going to get all the scavenger pics.....a last search is needed this week!!
    I reckon it's never too early for christmas first ones were bought in January!!

  8. It's hard to decision not to finish something, but that can be the thing you need to be more creative. Hope you are up and about soon.

  9. Well, I hope said toe mends itself quickly and that you enjoy the fact that you should baby it a bit and enjoy the break. Where did Hello Monday originate - I seem to see it popping up everywhere?

  10. I too have one more photo for the scavenger hunt, my missing one is the swing from a tree. But I have an idea.... I am using LSNED prompts as writing prompts this year, I am loving the new look prompts from Shimelle.

  11. LSNED is there in the back of my head, but I haven't been giving it the attention it deserves either, to be honest :)

    Hope your Christmas plans all come together and give you something nice to look forward to soon

  12. I said Hello this week to jury duty! Luckily I wasn't picked for the week long trial, so I can say hello to book club meeting today and time to work on the retreat curriculum I'm writing.

    I've lost my way with LSNED, too - it's just been such a busy time. I need to start working out Christmas (& Thanksgivig!) plans this week.

  13. Nooooo to counting down to Christmas lol!! Though having said that, I have started my Christmas shopping already....

  14. I never really got going on LSNED either this year. Good luck getting that one last picture.

  15. I love the feeling of guilt that leaves when we give ourselves permission to not finish..or even start something. I'm doing some guest posts for Cate so guess I better think about Christmas @@

  16. I said HELLO to MORE computer issues then lots of catching up to do thereafter!!


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