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Sunday 25 May 2014


SUNDAY MAY 25- 9.30am

Having been wakened by a low but insistent growling, I realise I have slept longer than usual by the brightness of the light streaming through the bedroom window. As Boo jumps up onto the bed I see that the sun is fully up and that the sky is a perfect's going to be another hot day I think. That will please Kirsty, who arrived unexpectedly for Bank Holiday weekend and is enjoying getting some sun on her unbelievably pale skin!

My mind then turns to Jean (MY LITTLE OLD LADY) who, by all accounts should just be leaving on the final leg of her journey to Hong Kong. I smile to myself as I remember how excited she was when we took her to the airport yesterday.

 We had no problem with the Emergency Passport with anything else!......She was a vision in pink ....

.....and, although she had a 'nervous tummy' which, I told her, was perfectly understandable when she was undertaking this huge trip, she (after a few tears) happily went off in a wheelchair with Hugo, her Special Assistance chap!

Obviously I have stopped stroking Boo as I think all this, and I am aware that I am being 'batted' on the arm to get me started again...I comply and then decide it really IS time to get up and see what plans Kirsty has conjured up for our day!

Sadly, this is the last SIMPLY A MOMENT being hosted by my friend thank you Alexa, for encouraging us to take at least ONE moment each month from our busy lives and recording it!

Hope the sun is shining for Bank Holiday Weekend (UK) and Memorial Day Weekend (USA)....and that life is good with you and yours wherever in blogland you are!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of you
Alison xx


  1. Ah, sunshine! Glad you have some, Alison, for - as is typical for a Bank holiday here - we have rain and wind and cool temperatures. Plenty of warmth in your happy post: your continuing kindness to Jean, your attention to Boo, and the excitement of having Kirsty :). Thank-you so much for bringing us a moment of lovely brightness, and for all your contributions to Simply A Moment - I have appreciated and enjoyed each and every one.

  2. We're waiting for thunder here - any moment now I hope, and then we'll get it over with..

    I hope she has a wonderful time. I've enjoyed reading your moments over the months

  3. It's a little overcast here, with the sun peeking out now & then. Lots of scrapbooking for me this weekend as we're just enjoying a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. So glad your friend's trip got off without any more emergencies - what a great friend you've been to help her!

  4. I do hope your friend has a wonderful holiday xx

  5. How lovely. I hope your friend has a fabulous time ... Oh and thanks for the reminder about how wonderful the weather is for you lol. Bank holiday here tomorrow and of course rain is forecasted lol

  6. Lots of sun here, and a very warm 95 degrees. Hope you are having a great weekend with Kirsty! Your little friend looks so cute! Hope she has a wonderful time!

  7. A lovely moment! Hope your friend has a lovely time, and that you, Boo and Kirsty enjoy the long weekend!

  8. A really lovely moment, I hope you enjoy your weekend with Kirsty x

  9. A lovely moment. Glad you posted it. I know that "batting" well.

  10. I hope your friend's trip is perfect in every way, and I look forward to hearing more about it when she returns. Similarly, I hope your day lived up to its early morning promise.

  11. What a lovely surprise to have Kirsty home! I always find it funny when dogs "remind" you that you ignoring the important task of petting them. Hope Jean has a wonderful trip and you have a glorious June!

  12. A great way to end Simply a Moment - a lovely moment to record and I am glad your friend got off well xx

  13. Glad to hear there were no more problems getting your friend off on her trip. What a nice surprise having Kirsty home for the weekend.


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